Tech Tools Large     Current Version: Under Development

This program deals with automation of windows installers.

 For most people it is very annoying if you have to repeatedly install a program over and over again.

And even worse you have to press all those irritating buttons during the install with all the "Yes", "Next" and "Install" and the checkboxes you have to select.

But there is another option.

When you use Tech Tools it does all the installs silently so you only have to click the Install button and the rest is done for you.

Using Tech Tools on a PC it automatically detects the software programs that are installed and compares them against the programs you chose, it then checks whether they are.

  •  Missing
  •  Installed but not the latest version
  •  Up to date

When you press the install button it will correct any issues with the software and bring that PC completely up to date.

Keeping the pendrive up to date is simple, whilst on any PC attached to the internet just press the update button on the program and it will retrieve the very latest installers from the internet and replace the ones on the pendrive

It is supplied on a 2gb pendrive so you have room to carry other fixes and tweaks with you as you travel.

With Tech tools you get to choose what you would like to see in your version.

You have a choice of any 15 of the following programs to include in the tool.

Click the icons for more detailed information.

Unavailable at this time 

Software still under development.

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