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This program deals with speeding up how your PC starts.

Have you asked these kinds of questions about your Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP Laptop or Desktop?


Q: Why does my computer take so long to boot up?

Q: Why do I have a slow computer?

Q: Why don’t my programs work at startup?

Q: Why was my computer slow from the moment I bought it?


A: There are a number of reasons, including hardware, but the most common is.

Because you have too much unnecessary software that is all trying to startup

at the same time on your computer !!.

When you install that latest music software or that just released file downloader or that latest chat program, and you install the programs onto your machine.

What do they do?

They add themselves into the startup sections of the registry so as you bootup your computer the second it gets to loading the desktop it starts loading the software you have just installed !!.


Now one piece of software isn’t really a problem but most people have dozens... Yes dozens or more unnecessary programs loading at startup.

And often this process is hidden from view, so you never realise that it is a problem.

You See This !

Or This !

When Its probably more like this!!

Or sometimes like this !!

And bear in mind not all programs show themselves in this way!, many are completely hidden from inspection and the only way to find them is using Simple Start as your startup cleaner.

Some Common Questions.

Q: Why do they do this?

A: Because it makes their program appear better, faster and much more enhanced than it actually is, because it has already preloaded itself behind the scenes, this makes it appear really fast when you open the program and often gets their advertising in front of your eyes than someone else’s

Q: Does this really matter?

A: Yes! If you are trying to run multiple software like Skype, Photoshop and Microsoft Office all at the same time, you can find you don’t have enough memory left because your startup isn’t optimized or there are lots of things to disable in the registry.

Q: Are their programs that should be running?

A: Yes! Certain programs like antivirus programs and third-party firewalls are a good example.

Q: So what’s the solution?

A: There are a lot of manual ways to alleviate the problem but I decided to create an automated cleaner, which is as simple as click a button to disable the unwanted software.

There are far too many types of program and services that you could waste hrs working out which are good and which are not needed.

Save yourself the time as I have done a lot of the hard work for you, all you have to do is push the button and forget about the technical details.

There are other programs that you can install and have resident which adds to the slow down you PC problem but I decided to make a portable solution that is very simple to use and doesn’t slow down your PC.

Then after a while if you feel it’s getting bad again because you have installed lots more of your favorite programs, then just run Simple Start again, you can use it as many times as you like.


Take the hassle out of making your PC startup quicker by purchasing Simple Start today...

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