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This program is for backing up your personal information on your computer.

There is tons of research on the Internet about backing up your data.

But its the single most destructive thing when your machine fails and you lose your data.

Things like:
  • Little Johnny's pictures from birth
  • Grandmas photos that you were keeping for her.
  • All that school work you kept telling yourself you would backup
  • That family tree you were working on
  • That university project that took many hours to create

So why don't people backup their data to protect it?

One of the main reasons is because it is too complicated for them.

Most people want to be able to push a button and the job gets done with minimal input.

This is exactly why we wrote this piece of software.

Simple Backup Layout
This product is for the Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven & Windows 8/8.1/10 family of operating systems.

This program creates a backup for your user data, it can be run by different users on the same computer to create personal backups for each user.

This does not backup any Windows files, just your data.
I.e. Your files you create (Word Excel etc), Your Music and Pictures etc.

It is preferable to backup to a separate drive where possible, then you have 2 separate sources of your data and this lessens the likelihood of a complete loss of your data.
It has a simple and easy to use layout.

1: Choose the destination for your backup ( preferably a external drive etc )
2: Select files to backup.
2a: If you leave all the checkboxes selected it will perform a full backup.
2b: For a partial backup just untick the unwanted sections.
3: After you press the button it will backup your files to the destination you have chosen.

N.b. Backups can take a lot of time if you have a lot of files.

Simple Backup

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